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We have some exciting returners and great writers already signed up. You know you want to play!

Winter Bash 2016

(art by purple_moon123)

First, here are the rules for anyone who might be new:

1) We take sign ups for a month.
2) We send out assignments and you have about a month to work on them.
3) We then collect the works.
4) If we have some that didn't get filled, we get a "pinch hitter" or someone who offered to do a missing project last minute to create something so that everyone gets a gift.
5) We post everything anonymously first and for a week, you can guess who did what on the speculative posts.
6) Then about a week later, we will reveal everyone.
7) Minimums to play: Fic must be at least 1,000 words, Videos must be 1 minute, and if you do icons, you need at least five. There is no maximum!

here are the dates:

Sign-ups: September 10th - October 17h
Assignments Sent: October 20th
Presents Mailed to mods (instructions will come later in early November): November 20th
Pinch-Hitter Assignments Sent Out: November 23rd (for those not from America, that means alternates/spare writers/artists)
All work must be in, including pinch hitting: December 5th
Full list posted but anonymously by mods: December 6 - December 16th (dates may changed depending on # of ppl who sign up)
Full Reveal: December 20, 2016


Third, below is the sign-up template. You need to fill it out completely. I've got my comment unscreened below as a template for you to follow. The rest will be screened to keep the "secret" in secret_chlark

Providing: example = fic, vid, art or poems
What You Refuse or Can't Provide: again, if you can't do art or write, etc. then note here
Three Things You'd like in a Fic: characters, words, certain seasons, AU...etc.
Three Things You Would NOT Want in a Fic: ships, characters, certain seasons...etc.
Three Things You Want in a Vid/Graphic: ships, characters, certain seasons...etc.
Three Things You Do NOT Want in a Vid/Graphic: certain ships, characters, seasons, plot points...etc.
Can You Fill In? Would You Be a Pinch-Hitter?: would you do a second story if someone drops out

Please copy and paste this below to the screened comments below and fill them out!

What you can't or won't provide:
Three things you'd like in a fic:
Three things you do NOT want in a fic:
Three things you want in a vid or graphic:
Three thing you do NOT want in a vid or graphic:
Can you fill-in if someone else can't finish:
An email we can reach you at (required):

Finally, it's been a while since the last bash and we'd love to have anyone who can come out do so. If you've been in retirement, we're all rusty so feel free. If you know someone on Tumblr/Twitter/AO3/Fanfiction.net/etc. who isn't livejouranl active but might be interested please ask them to participate. We do NOT require that participants have an LJ. Since the moderators can post the fiction or art or vids...etc. for participants, all you need to have is a love of Chlark and a desire to post!

If you are new and do not have a livejournal, then we can work around that. If you would like to participate, please send an email to "mbates@legendarywomen.org" with all the sign-up information and you will be added to the exchange. Since the mods post the work anyway, you don't ever have to worry about LJ access. When the time comes, we'll provide information for how you can submit your work to us via email or youtube...etc. Thank you and we'd LOVE to have you :)


I have had such a time with school starting up that I ended up postponing things. I want this to be a winter festival so I'll put up sign-ups this weekend (for really real) and then we'll have the claiming for a month, a month to write, and unveil everything in November so, in other words, if you want to have holiday themes in your prompts, I think that would defintely fit!

So is there any interest for a Fall Fling

I know we haven't had one in about a year, I was wondering if we could get between 8-10 people even interested in playing, please let me know in comments below.

Welcome to the Free-for-All

You can take any prompt you want. If you're a pinch-hitter, you can leave prompts as well in the comments since you were so epic and awesome. You all have two weeks or until the 1st of October to fill at your leisure.


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The free-for-all list...

...will be up on the 17th and then everyone can fill prompts there until October the 1st!
image by grlmonday

Hello, my Loves!

Summer may be over, but well done to all of us for immortalizing the steamy good times with these scorchers!

The Big Reveal lies this way:
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list will be up tomorrow

I apologize. I've been on the road traveling a ton. I did ten hours in the last two days and my mom's birthday was yesterday. It's just been a mess. 

Master list will be up tomorrow

And free for all opens Monday!


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