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The Chlark Secret Gift Exchange
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This is a community for the exchanging of fanworks centered around the paring of Chloe/Clark, Chloe/Kal, or Chloe/Kal-El. Is is run and maintained by simplytoopretty and lilbreck. If you wish to affilliate, please contact one of us.


  1. No flaming, bashing, or trolling.
  2. Submissions to secret_chlark are the property of the participants and are not to be posted, archived, or distributed elsewhere without their express permission.
  3. If you are not of age in your country/area, then do not click the link for a fanwork that is only for those who are of age.
  4. This exchange is for the paring of Chloe with Clark/Kal/Kal-El. Sorry, Bizarro gets no love here.
  5. All works submitted to the exchange must be created expressly for this exchange, and must be created by the person doing the submitting.
  6. All participants must be able to complete their assignment. If you cannot, do not sign up.
    • If you sign up and drop out then you will not be allowed to participate for the next round.
    • However, the round after that, you'll be more than welcomed to participate again.
  7. All submissions must be complete. If it's a single story in a series, it must be able to stand alone.
  8. You cannot request specific media for your gifts. That is up to the giver.
  9. Completed stories and graphics should be sent as an attachment to either alyssafanfiction@hotmail.com or lilbreck@gmail.com. Please put Secret Chlark Submission in the subject line and use the submission template.
  10. When you complete your fanvids, please email either alyssanfiction@hotmail.com or lilbreck@gmail.com and we will give you the username and password of the community youtube account to upload your video. Again, use the submission template
  11. One of the community moderators will post your story/graphics/fanvid so that all will remain anonymous.
  12. Your submissions are NOT to be posted anywhere else until the secret santas have been revealed.
  13. If you aren't going to finish by the due date, contact us as soon as possible. You can either send an email to alyssanfiction@hotmail.com or you can PM either simplytoopretty or lilbreck.
  14. Dates will be posted to the community. It is your best interest to friend and watch the community.

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